Archive | August 2012

I just have to let you go, my once BFF

I thought you would always be my best friend, that nothing could tear us apart. But you backed away completely and the few times when we interact now, I’ve learned that it’s not time to celebrate your return. You just want to get in and get out. You have a mission–that is the only reason you come to me.

It’s taken me a while to get this. Perhaps because I haven’t wanted to. I thought all the promises we once made to each other were real and would prove true no matter what seasons our lives went through. But you’ve lost interest in what I thought we both wanted. For the longest time I have thought that if I just gave you enough time and space your disinterest would change. I guess I didn’t realize all your cues were really insisting I let go of you forever.

So, I’m saying goodbye. I’ve made the conscious decision to no longer expect friendship of you. I’ll let you go and stop begging you for more than you’re able to give. I will choose to believe that there is good potential for our relationship outside of you needing to be my friend. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I think it’s worth discovering.

Do you have a friend that needs letting go because you’re the only one who wants to maintain the friendship any longer? What are your struggles with that?