Archive | July 2013

His fingerprint is BEAUTY!

I thought beauty was a joke–
with a few players
of startling quality
to carry the punch line,
and a host of less-interesting
to bolster the rest
of the tale.
But I’ve found, since, that beauty is
a story
that’s never been told the same
way twice.
It is a window into
something this world
can never fully figure out.
Beauty enters our lives as a symbol
we were meant to cherish
as the imprint
of something beyond ourselves,
something we can barely know
while we’re here.
We all carry an imprint of
God’s finger’s–
left behind from
when He first held us.
If your mark differs
from what you find upon another,
let the value of His trace
settle you with ease.
The details of the Creator
that you display
may grab the world’s attention
or lead to a rejection.
In either case,
grace remains
to be mined
in the recesses of His gift.
You cannot come to the end
of what you have of God
until you recognize it as a proof
that your ultimate purpose is
in holding your Maker’s heart!

Lord, I’ll take my pores clogged with YOU every day!

You have loved me
when I did not know what
love was.
You have not given up
on me
in any darkness
that’s made itself my home.
Your promises have lured me
nearer Your heart,
so that waiting on You
should never disappoint.
Keeping me in perfect peace
has been a blessing manifested
by Your constant presence–
even in the times
I couldn’t hear
You speaking to me.
You have taught me what
it means to live
with hope;
in everything
I’ve walked through
You’ve been the One
ruling the outcome.
Because You have never held back
from me Your greatest treasures,
I have grown wealthier,
despite my troubles.
You dominate the landscape of my life
and so, I have grace lodged
in every pore!