Retreat not from Hope, My child

I’m waiting for my miracle–
the one You’ve charged me
not to cease
hoping for and
But I’m not sure
how much longer I can
hold onto
the words of promise
You’ve placed within me.
The journey’s
been long
and the steep climb
has more than frightened me.
Day after day
of determining
to walk in a direction
my heart resists
has driven me to the end
of my resolve.
I don’t know how to press on
without a fresh infusion
of your grace.
I want to see the fullness
of what You have in mind,
but I also tremble
at how different
it will likely be
from what
I wish.

My child,
how well
I know
your anxieties–
your wondering
about the goodness of
My plans.
I want you to know,
that no matter what
your doubts,
I can handle your heart
in everything it lacks of trust.
The differences between us
are not a gap I ask you
to bridge for us
by yourself.
I feel, with you, your desire
for an easier path
than this.
Yet, do not think
that I have
misunderstood your needs
because I have not
given you comfort
to the extent that you would like.
You are still Mine,
And I will not let
that fail to be a blessing
to you
all your days.

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