Now I know that You are good

You are good
and it’s taken me
so long
to see.
Thank You for peeling
back the layers
of my unbelief–
as painful as it’s been–
to let the healing
light of Your truth
shine in.
You are good,
and patient to remove
every doubt
from me.

He’s faithful and will make us faithful, though the process hurts

Reversal, Lord–constant reversal!
Every bit of walking in Your direction
has been about
saying no to what has seemed good to me
and turning around to say yes
to what I know seems good to You.
How this process
has stretched my heart–
often in ways I believed
would leave it permanently misshapen.
But You have remained faithful.
You have shown me
what love means:
Choosing to walk with the One
I have committed to,
that He may ever have the fullest joy
of His commitment to me.