U up?

It’s an hour past midnight
when my phone emits
a silent beam
of light,
the arrival of
a new text.

It’s not what I was
thought all my
conversations were
over for the night.

Part of me wonders
if it’s necessary
for me to respond
before morning,
but then, I can’t
really answer that
without at least
taking a minute to

With an itty-bitty
sum of characters,
a quiet question
is posed:

u up?

The request rouses
my curiosity.
What’s going on here,
I ask, as
my heart breaths

The message I send
in response becomes
an offering both
to the person
seeking me
and to the God I seek:

Yes! What’s up?

Whether the problem
be big or small,
I will extend whatever
He gives
in the hopes that
this night He will
be more deeply
known than if
this interaction
had never been.

What if I didn’t need You?

My heart rests in Your hands–
able to do nothing
to support its life–
yet rather than be afraid,
my heart is so pleased:
what I would miss
of Your touch
if I could give myself
all the care that draws
me near to You!

Perfect plans have pain as a part of them too

My heart is
but You knew that,
didn’t You, Lord?
I feel pain
and, immediately, I doubt–
Your hand should be keeping
these kinds of things away
from me.
Because my heart can’t take it,

What if I thought it could?
What if I knew something about your heart
that you didn’t?
What if you could just
trust Me
before you reach the intersection
of your knowledge
and Mine?
What if everything would be okay…

Grace knows the only way to growth

Here we are again–
I’m worrying that You don’t
understand that my heart
is fragile
and these circumstances
don’t seem soft enough
to compensate for that.
Where is Your grace?
I wonder.
But Your grace isn’t
gentle without having
fantastic strength–
otherwise, how would I
be transformed by it,
not just maintained?

Every victory over a grudge is the perfect gift of God

Every victory over a grudge is the perfect gift of God.

Are you looking at your life, trying to find what good things you have received from God?

Come, see these things. They are all yours in the abundance in Christ.

Without Him, such victories could not be yours!

Wikipedia: from definition: —used as a function word to indicate a starting point of a physical movement or a starting point in measuring or reckoning or in a statement of limits.