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Beauty is waiting

Beauty is waiting for the One who made us beautiful to appear.

Waiting is not being satisfied with our own beauty–whether we see an abundance or lack of it–but longing for a deeper experience of His beauty.

Longing is not listening to the voices that tell us who we are and what we’re worth, but hearing just that One important voice.

Hearing is deciding to let our hearts be led to the One to whom we belong.

Belonging is not about making ourselves desirable, but the desire of the One who loves us taking over.

Desiring is not looking for meaning, but recognizing that God has given us meaning.

Meaning is the evidence that we are persons who have been called to be relationship with God.

Calling is not a job description that we have to fill out, but a way of being what the Designer made us to be.

Being is not realizing that who we are is enough, but glorying in the fact that God in us is.

Glorying is understanding that God is the only One who gives His creation glory.

Understanding is not something that we stir up within ourselves, but the benefit we get from having God’s presence inside us.

Benefiting is not using God for our own ends, but receiving from Him the end of who we are.

Receiving is reveling in a love undeserved and unmeasurable, that’s every day showered on us.

Reveling is not anything less than worshiping the One for whom we were made.

Worshiping is not forgetting who we are, but discovering who He is.

Discovering is letting who we are fully encounter He who is more than we are.

Encountering is not knowing the way, but enjoying the fact that He does.

Enjoying is not a mystery that anyone truly knows but God’s children.

Knowing is with all your heart believing that God is who He says He is.

Believing is not wishing, but turning your heart from unbelief.

Turning is not spinning around and around, but setting a new course.

Setting is choosing to focus the entire being on the truth that God declares.

Focusing is not being changeable, but angling yourself toward Christ.

Angling is not believing that you always know the best direction, but trusting that God does.

Trusting is letting the Holy Spirit lead and embracing everything He lays on your heart to do.

Embracing is not a natural relation a sinner makes with God, but kneeling helps it happen.

Kneeling is not trying to be religious, but admitting you’ve failed at being righteous.

Admitting is not the end, when you remember the God-Man who was righteous on your behalf.

Remembering is a way we breathe life into our souls.

Breathing is not fighting for life, but letting it flow through you.

Letting is not trying to make it on your own merits, but exalting God’s ability above your own.

Exalting is the product of a life lived solely for God.