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In pain I’ve found You

Help me with everything
I cannot see
but doubt You concerning
I am not a faithful believer,
and yet You continually
give me faith to
make it through
each day.
You have stretched me
to degrees
that, from a distance,
I would have judged
as cruel,
but up close have come
to understand as grace.
You have taught me how my salvation
is found not in comfort,
but in pain that is redeemed.
Thank You for proving to me
in every season
are the
of everything I walk through!

Grace knows the only way to growth

Here we are again–
I’m worrying that You don’t
understand that my heart
is fragile
and these circumstances
don’t seem soft enough
to compensate for that.
Where is Your grace?
I wonder.
But Your grace isn’t
gentle without having
fantastic strength–
otherwise, how would I
be transformed by it,
not just maintained?