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I know Hope best when I’m closer to the Calvary-version of me than the Hollywood-version

My growing up years
were lived out
on the stage
of a drama
that hurt me
in many ways.
It occurred to me,
at some point,
that I could protect
myself from what was
going on if I could
adopt the mindset that
I was participating in
an undercover action-
adventure assignment.
My job was to come through
as unscathed as possible,
becoming a hero along
the way, if possible.
Contrary to my expectations,
even to this day,
carrying out that mission
has not worked out as well
as I imagined it should.
What to do when the Hollywood version
of your life doesn’t work out
and you look nothing like the star
you believe you must be…

We all have that problem at times in
our lives. God doesn’t guarantee
seasons that break up the soil
of our hearts won’t come our way.
But the promise, on which we build our
heart’s bond with hope, is this:
God will never fail us in being
the Hero of our story.
Calvary was the climax–nothing you walk
through today will undermine all He
accomplished in that scene.
The task remains for you to walk through
each proceeding event in your now
Christ-dominated life, asking,
What is the relationship between this
scene I’m in and THAT scene?