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In case you ever wonder who you are…

Good afternoon, Princess Beauty! Where do you find yourself today? Are you afraid that you might not be beautiful? Are you burdened by unsightly blunders or domineering circumstances? Do you want to get out? Do you want to be free? Do you constantly wonder who you really are?

I must admit that I’m with you there. That’s why I’m here. Not because I have all the answers for you, but because I have hope that we can find the answers together. I believe that God has the answers to who we are and where we belong and He wants us to know them. I also believe that it is difficult to find these answers for ourselves so we are best-served if we will seek them alongside others.

What a delight it would be for me if we could share the journey together: That the insights we find and the identity we learn to embrace may not be lost on only one of us, but may become the enrichment of all of us!

I hope and pray that this blog may be a blessing to you just as I know it will be for me. Come, Lord Jesus, teach us who we are in You!