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U up?

It’s an hour past midnight
when my phone emits
a silent beam
of light,
the arrival of
a new text.

It’s not what I was
thought all my
conversations were
over for the night.

Part of me wonders
if it’s necessary
for me to respond
before morning,
but then, I can’t
really answer that
without at least
taking a minute to

With an itty-bitty
sum of characters,
a quiet question
is posed:

u up?

The request rouses
my curiosity.
What’s going on here,
I ask, as
my heart breaths

The message I send
in response becomes
an offering both
to the person
seeking me
and to the God I seek:

Yes! What’s up?

Whether the problem
be big or small,
I will extend whatever
He gives
in the hopes that
this night He will
be more deeply
known than if
this interaction
had never been.