God’s Dreams…Come True!

How do You consider me
so precious
and worthy
of Your infinite thoughts?
Lord, this love You’re covering
me with
is on a scale
I don’t feel prepared
to comprehend;
rather, I want it’s mystery
to intrigue my heart
to such a degree
that I come to You, asking questions…
questions that only You
could answer.
did You always know Your
love would capture me
this way?
And, I wonder,
knowing as You did,
that there was yet so much of You
for me to see,
did You understand
how much this love
would undo me?
Did You know
that after I had been flooded
by it,
I could never
go back to being
content with the measure
that used to be enough?
If dreams like this have been
in Your heart for me
since the beginning,
how can I continue to wonder
whether my life might be a story
of dreams come true?